MU Cycling Association

MU Cycling Association (MUCA) is an organization of Metropolitan University which involves both teachers and students and arranges cycling events. MUCA aims at promoting health consciousness and fraternity among its members.

Objectives of MU Cycling Association:
1. To create a friendly platform where all members of the club can acquire, develop and practice new skills and meet new friends.
2. To promote bicycling as an aid to physical fitness.
3. To arrange competitions where any students of Metropolitan University can participate.
4. To educate members and the general public in safe cycling, particularly with regard to safe equipment and bike maintenance, proper cycling habits, and rules of the road.
5. To promote and organize for members and non-members cycling events such as short and long distance touring and safety clinics.
6. To promote, support, and train potential competitive cyclists (racers) in the community and to organize safe racing events for this purpose.
7. To maintain good relation with other organizations in the campus.


Kazi Wohiduzzaman
Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE
Md. Ashikul Islam
Lecturer, Dept. of CSE

Executive Committee

Md Mohi Uddin
Lecturer, Dept. of English
Imdadul Hussain
BBA 38th Batch
Vice President
Nawshad Ruhan
CSE 38th Batch
General Secretary
Farjana Akter Popy
CSE 38th Batch
Joint Secretary
Atanu Bhattacharjee
BBA 43th Batch
Organizing Secretary
Ahad Khan
BBA 44th Batch
Naima Mim
BBA 46th Batch
Assistant Treasure

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