Prof. Dr. Md. Rofiq Uddin
I am very pleased to visit your institute. I wish this institute become a beacon of light for Eastern Bangladesh.
Prof. Dr. Md. Rofiq Uddin Professor , Biology, Le Moyne college USA (26-12-2006)

মোহাম্মদ ফরাসউদ্দিন
মেট্রোপলিটন ইউনিভার্সিটিকে আসীম শুভকামনা
মোহাম্মদ ফরাসউদ্দিন ইস্ট ওয়েস্ট ইউনিভার্সিটি, মহাখালী, ঢাকা (১৯-০৪-২০০৪)

Georg Gadow, Ph D
I was amazed by the friendly atmosphere of the campus, the positive sprit and the clarity of space.
Georg Gadow, Ph D University of Colorado Denver, (28-07-2004)

Dayna Imam
I was very pleased by the friendliness of the staff and the students: amazed by how active students especially female are… Thank you for your hospitality-I’ll be back.
Dayna Imam University of Colorado Denver, (28-07-2004)

Prof. Dr. M. A. Mottalib
I am highly impressed for such a well organized university. I am sure that this university will be one of the leading universities in Bangladesh. I wish all the best.
Prof. Dr. M. A. Mottalib Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Technology Islamic University of Technology, Board Bazar, Gazipur, (06-12-2004)

Prof. S. M. Islam, Professor
Impressive, lively, Energetic, Dynamic, faculty great, students’ stupendous. Best of luck!!
Prof. S. M. Islam, Professor Dept. of English, Dhaka University, (16-03-2005)

Prof. Dr. Sujit K. Datta
It is indeed a pleasant experience to be at Metropolitan University which provides a friendly and congenial academic atmosphere for the future citizens of the country.
Prof. Dr. Sujit K. Datta Dept. of English, University of Chittagong

Neil Lack
Thanks for a friendly and hospitable welcome and many best wishes for the future of the University an our continuous cooperation
Neil Lack The British Council, London (02-03-2005)

A. Majed Khan
Deeply impressed and satisfied what I saw and sensed.
A. Majed Khan  (10-04-2005)

Prof. Dr. M. Nasim Anjum
I am impressed with the environment of Metropolitan University.
Prof. Dr. M. Nasim Anjum Professor, Dept. of Management, University of Rajshahi
Md. Shafiqul Islam
Impressed with its environment and wish a very good Academic atmosphere for the future.
Md. Shafiqul Islam Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment ((6-10-2005)

Prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee
I am very much impressed to see the wonderful arrangements in Metropolitan University. I wish it an excellent future.
Prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee Assam University, Assam India, (25-04-2006)

Prof. Dr. ABM Shahidul Islam
Very Good I wish success of the University with the dynamic leadership of Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Kabir Chowdhury and the management.
Prof. Dr. ABM Shahidul Islam Vice Chancellor, Leading University, Sylhet (21-11-2006)

K. M. Amirul Islam
This University distinguished itself with excellent campus, vibrant academic environment state of the art teaching materials and highly and a mix of young and academic faculty. I wish it all success.
K. M. Amirul Islam Member Planning Commission, (22-11-2006)

Mike Sherriff
It has been a great pleasure to visit the university and see the excellent facilities and the positive working environment. I wish you every success for the future.
Mike Sherriff St. Albans, U K

Mohammad Main Uddin
I wish Metropolitan University will provide quality education. This is the beacon of the nation.
Mohammad Main Uddin Associate Prof. Dept. of Accounting, University of Rajshahi, (06-12-2006)

Dr. M. Jamir Uddin, Prof. Emeritus
It is a fruitful visit. Excellent facilities
Dr. M. Jamir Uddin, Prof. Emeritus University of Wisconsin USA (12-26-2006)

Dr. Iftekhar Chowdhury
This was a delightful experience to see these excellent facilities. I wish with the Vice Chancellor Prof. Kabir Chowdhury, the faculty and the student the very best.
Dr. Iftekhar Chowdhury Foreign Affairs, (23-03-2007)

Mohammed Yousuf
I am really impressed to see the faculty, faculty members, Vice Chancellor of the university. Especially students are very polite and obedient to their study. I would like to request for running the pharmacy dept. in this university. I wish all the University success.
Mohammed Yousuf Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Establishment Government of Bangladesh (24-03-2007)

Nargis Rashid
Thank you for the warm hospitality and for allowing our delegation to visit the University. Meet lecturers, Vice Chancellor and students.
Nargis Rashid Birmingham local Authority (09-04-2007) 

Dr. Sufia Rahman
Nice to visit this university. Thanks to “Vice Chancellor” & his good team. I wish all the success.
Dr. Sufia Rahman Prof. Emeritus (29-10-2007)

Robert Evaus Mep
Thank you very much for the invitation to the Metropolitan University. I wish you all every success for the future.
Robert Evaus Mep Former Member of the European Parliament.(05-11-2007)

Cllr Ann John
Another full and fascinating day in Bangladesh with our last engagement at this Metropolitan University. Most Impressive high quality establishment. Good luck.
Cllr Ann John London Borough of Brent, Leader of Labour group, (05-11-2007)

Cllrn Lena Ahmed
Absolutely fascinating: I think that the university is beautiful. Carry on the good work. Thank you for your hospitality.
Cllrn Lena Ahmed London Borough of Brent , (05-11-2007)

Geeteara Safiya Choudhury
I felt very nice seeing the faces of bright young men & women at this University. I wish you all the best.
Geeteara Safiya Choudhury

Nasiruddin Ahmed
I have seen the university class room, library, teacher’s room & impressed very much. I wish the standard of the university will meet the demand of our need/ requirements.
Nasiruddin Ahmed  President Chittagong Stock Exchange, (30-03-2008)

Prof. Tajul Islam
I am much glad and pleased to meet the young faculties of Metropolitan University. I felt their heart, their determined face tells me about a bright future of this University.
Prof. Tajul Islam Member UGC & Prof. Jahangir Nagar University, (17-04-2008)

Michael Zemmour
It was wonderful to visit your campus and meet the students. Best of luck to the future!
Michael Zemmour CEO CityCell, (15-05-2008)

Baduil Alam Majumdar
I am deeply impressed by what I have seen at this University. Please keep it up!
Baduil Alam Majumdar SHUJON (06-07-2008)

Mizanur Rahman Khan
I am very delighted to visit this University. Hope this institution will be able to achieve due success with outstanding significance.
Mizanur Rahman Khan Associate Editor, The Prothom Alo (06-07-2008)

Prof. Dr. Syed Anwar Husain,
I came, I saw and left very impressed by this exceptional privet university.
Prof. Dr. Syed Anwar Husain,  Professor, Department of History, University of Dhaka, (06-07-2008)

Toix Wahab
Saw the University. Very impressed, open plan Excellent
Toix Wahab British High Commission, (06-07-2008)

Ejazur Rahman
It has indeed been a pleasant surprise. Great institution. Keep up the good work.
Ejazur Rahman British High Commission, (06-07-2008)

Feroze Khan
I have enjoyed my visit here. The stuff & V.C has been excellent with us. Well done.
Feroze Khan Bangla TV, UK, (08-07-2008)

Jon Ryan
I wish the Metropolitan University the very best of luck for the future. Your students and instructors are truly first class
Jon Ryan 2nd Secretary, Political, BHC, Dhaka (25-08-2008)

Impressed by the conviction, confidence and creativity in vision and execution.
J.B.Bhattacherjee Poli Hill, Shillong, India (16-10-2008)

Stuart Perwae
Highly impressed with the facilities, atmosphere, general professionalism of all I have met – Thank you
Stuart Perwae Head of Visa Operation, British High Commission, Dhaka (04-11-2008)

Issal Ahmed
I am very impressed to see your fantastic organization. I would like to wish you all the success in future. Looking forward to visit again.
Issal Ahmed  (20-11-2008)

A.M.A Muhith
It is a very pleasant experience to be here today.
A.M.A Muhith  (03-12-2008)

Manzoor Ahmed
Highly impressed by enthusiasm and energy of the faculty and the guidance and inspiration provided by the Vice Chancellor.
Manzoor Ahmed BRAC University, Institute of Education and Development (24-12-2008)

Shawkat Hussain
Excellent Campus. It was a pleasure to visit your university
Shawkat Hussain Dept. of English, Dhaka University (03-02-2009)

Very best wishes for ever great success.
Dofson  (14-02-2009)

Sufi Husain Zulfiqar  Rahman
A very neat and well decoreated university. Best wishes for future success. I am charmed in deed.
Sufi Husain Zulfiqar Rahman M. D, Jalalabad Gas, Sylhet (06-04-2009)

Dr. Dipak K. Dutta
I have seen a congenial academic atmosphere in the university. For its expansion, it needs to develop its faculty and infrastructure.
Dr. Dipak K. Dutta Professor, School of Business, Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, Dhaka (18-04-2009)

Dr. Sultan Ahmed
I am very delighted to visit this university.
Dr. Sultan Ahmed Professor & Chairman, Dept. of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Chittagong (18-04-2009)
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