Business Administration

We generate an atmosphere of learning for our students who seek knowledge, be impactful business leaders of tomorrow through scholarly pursuits of our qualified faculty members; and nurturing wisdom, integrity and equity for being a responsible stakeholder in society. The Business Administration Department, Metropolitan University provides students with various opportunities, teaching students how to become financially literate, responsible consumers and productive young members of society. The Business Administration department challenges students to develop critical thinking skills; citizenship responsibilities; communication competency; value for the arts, literature, and sciences; a love for learning; and preparation for life beyond.

Business Administration Department at MU has been offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration since its beginning for students of both genders. The Department of Business Administration is the largest department of Metropolitan University. It has about 1600 students and 40 faculty members, and runs two programs:

 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
 Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The programs offered by us allow students to explore many different career paths, providing business knowledge and essential tools that are needed to be successful in their future. Today’s market is looking for bold ideas and brilliant people to implement them. Earning a degree in Business Administration gives you the forward thinking to a stagnant career into one with sustainable and achievable results. A degree with Metropolitan University, Sylhet can allow you to launch the career you’ve always imagined. A degree in Business Administration is designed to expose you to skill sets with a faculty that has both academic and practical experience. Whether your interests lie in finance and economics, management and marketing, accounting or HRM, we will prepare you for a rewarding career in a broad range of fields. Combined with a commitment to experiential learning, you will have opportunities to put your earned skills to work in numerous businesses, industries and firms in Bangladesh and beyond.

Department’s Objectives

 To provide business graduates with professional attitudes aligned with modern technology.

 To create ethical sense to operate businesses in the society that can lead the nation to a role model for others.

 To facilitate research works for faculty members and students.

 To create mobility of the students through state of the art curriculum and learning system compatible work of the recent trends.

 To provide the community with sense through continuous training and education.

 To enhance opportunities for co-curriculum, extra curriculum, real-life experiences, professional development and career placement.

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