Career Centre

University life is a time of change, growth, and transition. MU Career Counseling Centre strives to ease adjustment during these times of transition, and enhances its students’ academic and lifelong success. The centre exists basically to help students develop more personal awareness and learn the skills they will need to be successful while they are at MU and transitioning to the world beyond.

The CCC is currently entrusted with the following functions:

It facilitates students to get exposure to professional life in their field of study. Students who are in the last lap of the studentship apply to the CCC and the centre provides them with suitable internship opportunities. Many of the MU graduates, after successfully completing their internship, are absorbed in renowned national and multinational organizations.

The CCC assists graduates to search and find suitable job either immediately after graduation or over a period of time. It also arranges part-time employment services for its students free of charge. CCC also maintains a database of employers and regularly keeps in touch with them in order to build up a mutual relationship with the corporate world
CCC regularly organizes seminars, workshops, and trainings whereby students acquire skills in resume writing and presentation, the art of facing interviews, and gain insight about prospective employer and their needs. Successful corporate leaders are invited to speak before the students on the above aspects.
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