BSc. in Software Engineering


4 Years



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Programme Summary

The BSc in Software Engineering is a 48 (forty-eight) months-long undergraduate programme for those, who intend to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree from the department of software engineering. Students have to complete 148 credits theory and lab courses along with 12 credits internship from any reputed software development firm, a total of 160 credits to be a graduate. The programme is designed on the basis of outcome-based curriculum equipped with science & mathematics courses, general education courses, core computer science courses, specialized courses on software analysis, design, development, software quality assurance and a sufficient number of courses on most recent trends. The programme will motivate the graduates to go that extra mile through learning new skills and improving existing ones, which is a trait that can only be achieved by striving for excellence.

Objectives of the Programme

The programme consists of some courses which will help to disseminate knowledge about the country, mother tongue, heritage, its social aspect along with international language

The programme consists of some fundamental courses which will help to build up the firm foundation in engineering

The programme will propagate core computational understanding which will help to facilitate novel research and development that will expand the boundaries of knowledge.

The programme consists of basic programming courses for the advanced level, which will help to identify, formulate and innovate computational solutions.

The programme incorporates courses which create the foundation of software development from analysis to the maintenance phase.

The programme consists of multidisciplinary courses which will provide the background knowledge of developing software to fulfill the need for numerous sectors.

The programme offers some optional courses in a specialized domain, which will provide a vast understanding to ensure learning and skill growth.

Through project and team-oriented activities along with soft skills the programme will prepare students for their lifelong career

The programme improves trading-off theory and practice, to enforce a seamless synergy between the academic stakeholder and the industry, that assures students’ employability

What students will learn completing the program

After graduation, students will get the fundamental concepts of computer science as well as software engineering. They will be able to identify computational problems and devise algorithmic solutions. They will be able to build software that can be employed to solve real-world problems with economic, environmental, social, political, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability constraints. Besides, they will achieve communication and managerial skills. The nine significant Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO) of the BSc. Programme are mentioned point wise.

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate broad knowledge of historical events, periods along with their significance; act according to their professional and ethical responsibility. Moreover, students will get good command in Bangla as well as in academic English.
  2. Students will be able to identify computational problems and devise algorithmic solutions.
  3. Students will be able to apply critical reasoning to issues through independent thought and informed judgment and make decisions using an evidence-based approach. Students will be able to identify problems appropriate for research, make a critical analysis of the literature, analyze research data, and draw logical conclusions.
  4. Students will achieve the computational, algorithmic and technological problem-solving fluency.
  5. Students will be able to design, develop, document and test software using modern techniques.
  6. Students will gain the aptitude to communicate and collaborate effectively with multidisciplinary terms in large-scale and complex projects.
  7. Students will be able to utilize modern computing languages of diversified domains, platforms and tools necessary for engineering practice.
  8. Students will be able to engage in lifelong learning and self-development.
  9. Students will be able to learn professional and organizational aptitude which will make them competitive as well as collaborative for employment.

Fees & Funding

Metropolitan University provides financial support to the students and there is a caring tuition fee policy available to give financial aid. The students having Golden A+ in both SSC & HSC will be given 80% tuition waiver.

Metropolitan University has various scholarship schemes to support the students financially.

A student who has secured A+ in all the courses in three consecutive term examinations can apply for Chairman’s Scholarship. Likewise, Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship also exists for the students of Metropolitan University.

Admission Fee
(One time)
(Per Semester)
Co-curricular Activities Fee
(Per Semester)
Campus Activities
(Per Month)
Monthly Installment of Credit fees
(Calculated on the basis of Credit System)**
20,000 15,000 500 1000 6000

How to Apply

The completed Application Form must be submitted to the Admissions Office with the following documents:

Photocopies of Birth Certificate/ National ID/ Passport

Four (04) copies of Passport size color photographs

Blood Group

Original and one set of Photocopy of all Educational Certificates & Mark sheets.

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