IT Support Centre

MU has  a well-equipped and well-staffed IT Support Centre that provides technical support for the university automation, network maintenance and computer labs.

The centre provides services to the following IT infrastructure of the university:

Five computer labs having 250  computers with high speed preinstalled purchased licensed software.  [All computer labs are staffed and monitored by qualified lab assistants who provide user support.  All computers in these labs are networked having free access by students through their own account].

More than 300 computers located in different administrative, academic departments, and teacher lounges.

A Cyber Cafe with high speed access to internet. [The students of Metropolitan University can avail themselves of the services of this browsing centre with refreshment and mini shopping facilities].

Automation Software developed by the Software Development Team of the university that takes care of student admission, registration, admit card generation, result processing, and grade sheet generation.

Wifi connectivity throughout the campus.

The centre has a very caring, responsible team of support personnel who provides on site
assistance to all users in the campus.

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