Accommodation is a major issue for the students who aspire to achieve the goals of life and want to concentrate entirely on their studies. Living in University accommodation gives our students security and their family back home peace of mind. Metropolitan University offers ample options of accommodation to suit the requirements, preferences and budgets of the students. All of the services are available within walking distance of the academic departments and campus. Moreover, MU helps the students to find places in the surrounding area to stay during their studies. MU arranges accommodation facilities for everyone coming to the University on an official visit as visiting scholars, members of staff, and also for academic and non-academic staff.

Female Hostels

Metropolitan University has hostel facilities for female students within the vicinity of the University campus. Security guards patrol 24 hours a day and cameras are located throughout the hostel buildings. Each residence has a team of hostel supervisor and security guards who live within the hall to offer help and guidance. All types of support services have been ensured to give them a feeling of home.

Staff accommodation

Metropolitan University has temporary accommodation support for the local & international visitors. University guest rooms are offered here. Visitors may contact the office for further information about expenditure and booking procedures.

Third Party Accommodation

Our City Campus is located in a major area at Sylhet. We know that most of our new students will decide to stay near University area, we appreciate that University accommodation may not suit everyone and students might decide to stay in private accommodation. University helps the students and faculties to find private accommodation according to their requirements.

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