Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is one of the most fast growing departments of MU. It started its journey in January, 2012. This department runs the B.Sc Engg program for diploma holders besides the regular B.Sc Engg program. This department has a very strong faculty of nine fulltime members among which one fulltime Professor, one Associate Professor, three Assistant Professors and five Senior Lecturers.

The main focus of the EEE Dept. is on four major areas – power, electronics, communication and computer in the undergraduate curricula. The expertise of the faculty members of this department covers various fields ranges from power systems to nanotechnology. The research areas of teachers and students of this department include power, energy, electrical machines, solid state device, signals and systems, signal processing, image processing, device modeling, power electronics, control engineering, high voltage engineering, biomedical engineering, microwave engineering, wireless communication, fabrication, renewable energy, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, VLSI and nanotechnology.

Faculty members of this department collaborate with the Government (A2I Innovation Hub) , power generation, telecommunication and electronic companies, other universities, and centers of excellence through the basic and applied research programs and contracts. Undergraduate students of this department contribute directly to advancements in applied science and technology through their final year projects. They participate in different National and International Robotics Competition and are making us proud by bringing in success regularly. Several of our projects have been showcased in the Prime Minister’s office and National Election Commission.

Graduates of this department are serving with good reputation and success in many organizations and universities within the country and abroad. Since 2014, just after showcasing a new and better EVM to the National Election Commission, the Department of EEE, MU has been drawing the attention of the top notch students of Bangladesh as their first choice of study. The future for graduates from this department looks very promising both at home and abroad because there is shortage of quality graduates in the market in the booming field of power, electronics, communication and computer. Specially, in the fields of power Bangladesh is experiencing steady growth due to the current need. Electronics market has also started to grow slowly in our country. All these things will work in the favor of EEE graduates in the future and graduates of this department will definitely be competitive enough to secure their place in the job market due to the better quality education provided by this department.

The new generation of Electrical and Electronic Engineers are encouraged to undertake research and development activities in all the areas of this rapidly expanding and fascinating discipline of engineering. The department is committed to the study and analysis of fundamental as well as applied problems. Teachers and students of the department work in solving real life problems and provide suitable low-cost solution for those problems. The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Metropolitan University is striving to realize its vision and mission to place itself on the top with national and international recognition of its teaching, and research programs. So far with limited resources and facility the Department has succeeded to do so as a result of sincere effort of its faculty and students. Contribution, cooperation and collaboration of all from outside the university are also a major factor in attaining such goal. We hope the support of national and international organizations and the Authority of Metropolitan University will continue and increase in the days ahead so that we can achieve our objective and goal.

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