Laboratory Resources

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department has a General Computer Lab (GCL), two Advanced Computer Labs (ACL), an Internet Computer Lab, an Electrical Machine Lab, an Electrical Circuit Lab, an Electronics Lab, a Communication Lab, a Microprocessor Lab, an Innovation Lab, and a Hardware Lab. One computer lab has a total of 30 to 40 computers. It means that students need not to wait in a queue in one lab when they want to do their assignments. And thus it helps them obtain good grades.

The laboratories are well equipped with Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Trainer Board, Digital Multi meter {(DT9205A+), EPROM, Programmer, Microprocessor Kid, Capacitive Load, Synchronous Motor/Generator, Electrodynamometer, Capacitive Start Motor, Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, Dc Motor/Generator, Single Phase Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, Synchronizing Module, Radio Communication Module, Micro Processor Programmer (8086), Grating & Spectra Meter, Laser Source (Red), Arduino UNO 3, CISCO 48 Port Managable Switch, CISCO 24 Port GigaBit Switch etc. The laboratories are fully equipped because it has all the equipment required for students for the best practical experiences. Being able to work in a quiet and well equipped environment allows students to concentrate on their work.

Metropolitan University Innovation Lab is a place for advanced innovative activities. It was constructed in 2014 with huge amount of electronics & electrical equipment. The University built this lab mainly aiming at research work in Robotics, Drone and Embedded System. From the very beginning of the establishment, the Innovation Lab has introduced some astonishing projects. So far the lab has built sophisticated drones, unmanned submarine, electronic voting machine and some other amazing machine to meet the demand of time.

The lab also developed Electronic Braille Reader for visually impaired people. Besides students from innovation lab participated in many Robotics as well as Drone competition and achieved first position in some of them.

The main mission of the Lab is to create up to date electronic devices, educate our students on robotics and embedded system for the welfare of the nation.

The only Drone Ground Control Centre of the country is located at Metropolitan University Innovation Lab.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) has established Electrical Circuits Laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with various types of resistors, variable rheostat, inductor, capacitor, DC and AC power supplies, switches, lamp boards, ammeters, voltmeters, variances, oscilloscopes, etc. The laboratory is well equipped with various types of analog trainer boards, oscilloscopes, DC power sources, function generators, multimeter etc. Besides, in this laboratory there are wide ranges of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diode, transistor, MOSFET, analog ICs, etc. Electrical Circuits Laboratory is featured with state-of-the art laboratory equipment such as digital trainer board, logic probe, IC tester, digital meters, data switches, and wide ranges of digital ICs of TTL and CMOS series. The laboratory is equipped with various types of test and measurement instruments like galvanometer, ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, energy meter, different types of transducer, etc. Electrical Circuits Laboratory has been set up with start-of-the art module of communication. At the moment, students are doing experiments on AM, FM, PCM, QPSK, ASK, FSK, OMSK, BER calculation, TDM, TDMA, CDMA, etc. This laboratory is also using ‘Communication Toolbox 1 of MATLAB to verify and develop different communication algorithm

Service Hours

Computer Lab maintains 6 days a working week. It is open each day from Saturday to Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. It remains closed on public holidays and other dates announced by the University authority.

Lab User Policy

Group study, gossiping, discussion, eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the Lab.

All students are requested to handle with care all the fittings, fixtures, furniture, equipment, PC hard wares, etc. of the Lab and should leave them neat and tidy after use.

Users must not undertake any form of activity that disturbs, distracts, or disrupts the others.

Mobile phones should not be used inside the Lab.

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