MU Rover Scouts

Bangladesh Rover Scout is a volunteer organization which has been patronized by the Honourable Prime Minister, People’s Republic of Bangladesh. This organization works to develop our young people in a way to become the next leader of the country through different activities. These activities not only create beautiful and constructive thoughts into the young minds but also train youngsters to face different challenges that they may face in their real life. Metropolitan University Rover Scout Group is a proud part of this international movement.

Metropolitan University Rover Scout Group is ignited by only three members in the year 2012. At present, this group is consisting of two units such as Metropolitan University Rover Scout Group and Metropolitan University Girl in Rover. This group is the first ever rover scout group which is established within any private universities of Bangladesh. Currently, a total of forty-seven students are actively participating in different volunteer activities of Rover Scouts. Mr. Shah Minhaz Rahman, the first Rover Scout Leader (RSL) has been awarded as the wood-badger by the Bangladesh Rover Scout as an appreciation of the performance of the group.
Nevertheless, with the guidance of Professor Nandalal Sharma, President, Metropolitan University Rover Scout Group, the group has become the symbol of the pride, glamour and charms of the University over time. Mr. Nawshad Ahmed Chowdhury is currently serving the group as the group secretary (RSL). During the time of his service, the group has attended successfully in the 11th National Rover Moot, different Met courses and 18th Regional Rover Moot etcetera. The group has also participated in different volunteer movement arranged by District Rover, Sylhet. In the beginning of every year the group organizes Annual Camp to make the rovers enthusiastic and to train them up. In February 2018, the group has become as a part of the Team Bangladesh of Messenger of Peace (MoP) which has been initiated by the World Organization of Scout Movement and the initiative is being supported by the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and King Carl XVI Gustaf. By keeping ‘Service’ as the motto the Group is continuously serving the University and the Country as well.

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