The study of Economics offers students insight into some of the most fundamental issues that the societies are facing in today’s world such as what goods and services should we produce, how should they be produced, and how should they be distributed around the world? Economists try to understand the causes and effects of unemployment, inflation, poverty, economic growth, and income distribution, among other pertinent fiscal issues. An Economics degree opens the door to a world of opportunities for the students. Economics is an outstanding preparation for a career in banking, finance, business, policy analysis, international relations, or any other field that requires rigorous analytic thinking. It also makes an excellent foundation for graduate study in economics, business, law, political science, or public administration.

Department of Economics of Metropolitan University was started in the year of 2014 under the aegis of the School of Business & Economics. At present the department is offering BSS degree in Economics. All the faculty members of the department are committed to deliver outstanding education and to produce high quality research. Faculty members of Metropolitan University have also served in different positions in national and international institutions. Faculty members are usually drawn from different areas of expertise with a wide range of teaching and research experiences and they are always keen to update their skills by regularly attending conferences, seminars and workshops.

Department of Economics organizes several seminars throughout the year. Students of the department are benefited from small classes, hands-on learning, and exceptional faculties engaged in research and teaching. Students also acquire solid mathematical skills as well as strong research, data analysis, and critical thinking skills which are essential for their future.

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