Law & Justice

The Department of Law & Justice of Metropolitan University has begun its journey immediately after the establishment of the University and the department is enriched by all the ingredients what an ideal department of a University should, in fact, possess. The teachers of the department are the resourceful scholars having excellent background and the productions of the department are being regularly enrolled in the Bar Council and well-appreciated in their legal professions. The students seeking admission in Law, prefers to get admitted here in the Department of Law & Justice of Metropolitan University in Sylhet region. The department has sufficient number of law books, Law Journals and other law related materials in the library of the University. In consideration of all the requirements, quality and facilities, the students of this department feel proud to be the part of this department.

Strengthening the University to help ensuring excellence in its overall institutional achievement, the Department of Law & Justice is equally committed to place the legal education in its best height of proper execution and applicability.

Law works as the vein of all the bodies of natural and artificial persons of the world and legal education affords blood to be circulated properly for their healthy and smooth respiration. The department of Law & Justice is well-dedicated to provide all the necessities and logistics for the satisfactory inflow of legal education considering both from national context and international view point.

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