Certificate Awarding and Fresher Reception Ceremony

Metropolitan University celebrated the culmination of its Spring Semester 2024 English camp class program with a grand certificate distribution and fresher reception ceremony on February 29, 2024. The event, held at the university premises, was graced by the esteemed presence of Professor Dr. Mahbubul Islam, the former Vice Chancellor of Metropolitan University, who attended as the Chief Guest.

Presiding over the program was Professor Dr. Taher Billal Khalifa, the Treasurer of the University, while the role of anchor was expertly fulfilled by Mr. Tarek Islam, the University Registrar.

In his address, Dr. Mahbubul Islam emphasized the importance of Metropolitan University students acquiring knowledge not only from the best universities globally but also within their own departments. He urged students to work towards the welfare of the people and the development of the country by honing their skills as adept human resources in knowledge and technology. Dr. Mahbubul Islam also highlighted the university's growing representation on the world stage.

Dr. Rama Islam, Associate Professor and Convener of the event, welcomed attendees with a warm speech. The ceremony also featured insightful addresses from key figures, including Professor Dr. Md. Nazrul Haque Chowdhury, Dean of the School of Science & Technology; Professor Dr. Mohammad Jamal Uddin, Dean of the School of Business and Economics; Sheikh Ashrafur Rahaman, Associate Professor and Dean In-Charge of the School of Law; Dr. M. Z. Ashraful, Associate Professor and Advisor for Student Welfare; Mr. Khondakar Moksud Ahmed, Controller of Examinations; Mr. Mihir Kanti Choudhury, Deputy Registrar; Mr. Mashruf Ahmed Chowdhury, Deputy Librarian; and Mr. Rayhan Ahmed Chowdhury, Deputy Director of Finance & Accounts.

During his speech, Dr. Taher Billal Khalifa underscored the importance of talented individuals in achieving life goals, encouraging students to study diligently and equip themselves with technology-based knowledge. He emphasized that the realization of the dream of a developed country hinges on their efforts. Additionally, Dr. Khalifa stressed the significance of personal development, stating that obtaining a certificate alone does not define one's character. He expressed hope that students would not only excel academically but also become individuals contributing to the progress of the nation.


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